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Roofing and siding serve a multitude of purposes for your home. First and foremost, a quality roof keeps you and your family safe, dry and comfortable year-round. Siding adds to that, being part of the outer layer, your home’s first line of defense against Ottawa’s cold, harsh winters as well as heat and humidity in the summer months and rain (and snow & ice!) throughout the year. Roofing and siding are also part of your home’s aesthetics; many people see your home exterior from the street or driveway as they approach, constituting that “curb appeal” that buyers, sellers and realtors talk so much about nowadays. With all this in mind, having a highly functioning, attractive roof and house siding is very important. From new roofs and siding to roof repair, siding repair and more, Liberty is the right choice when it comes to beautifying and maintaining your home exterior.


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While it’s in our mission to provide superior results and never cut corners or take shortcuts, perhaps nowhere is that more important – or apparent – than in roofing and siding. If we miss a nail, skirt a shingle or go cheap on the labour or materials on your roof, you could not only end up with a shoddy looking home, you could even incur leaking or flooding. We treat our customers’ homes like we’d care for our own families’ homes, and our attention to detail on roofing projects (both repairs and new roof installations) and siding is second to none. We’ll provide you with an honest, transparent estimate for your roofing or siding job, and we do everything within our control to execute our roofing and siding repairs & installation with superior quality workmanship from expert roofers and siding labour – on time and on budget – built to last. Talk to Liberty today about how we can help with your next roof or siding project.